Horizon, the first book of the series, released on the 28th of March 2017. It is written by Scott Westerfeld.

Synopsis Edit

In Scott Westerfeld’s Horizon book, eight young survivors step from the wreckage of their plane and into an impossible jungle where the laws of nature have gone wrong. With no hope of rescue and strange beasts on the prowl, they’ll have to work together to survive.

Summary Edit

Molly, Javi, Anna are members of Team Killbot, a middle school team from the US, on their way to Japan for a robot fighting competition along with a younger classmate, Oliver. Yoshi is the son of a Japanese father and American mother, returning to Japan after four years of living in New York. Kira and Akiko are 11 year old twins, studying in a Swiss boarding school. Along with Caleb, they are all apparently chosen by a mysterious supernatural being or organization, and find themselves the only survivors in a weird and dangerous forest.